Ocean & Earth Premium OneXT 7 Surf Leash


Ocean Earth One XT Surfboard Leash 7ft

Having developed the superb ‘One’ leash O&E didn’t sit around feeling smug, they carried on working on improvements and now launch the One XT with extra features that make this the best surfboard leash out there, period. Features:
* New production techniques have created a Urethane cord with superior stretch and memory retention.
* Still the only one piece leash cord on the market – No joins equals no weak spots.
* New coil packaging insures that your leash comes out straight on stays straight, no kinks equals no weak points.
* New easy-wrap neoprene padding. Vertically moulded neoprene panels makes the cuff wrap easily and comfortably around your ankle.
Other Features:
* Marine Grade double stainless steel swivels.
* Flexi-neck with 360 movement so your leg cuff stays comfy even when under load.
* 12 Month Warranty.
* Plug Buddy threader.
* Detachable Railsaver.

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