Polar Dane Brady Just Minding My Own Business Skateboard Deck Wheel Wells 8″ (Blue)


The newest signature board from Dane Brady, featuring artwork from Polar founder, Pontus Alv. Expect the same quality as other Polar decks. A medium concave and great pop make this a solid option for seasoned pros and new skaters alike. This version comes with wheel wells, cut aways that reduce wheel bite on big landings and tight turns.

100% Canadian Maple

7-Ply Construction

Width: 8″

Length: 32.125″

Wheel wells

Made in Mexico

Weight 1 kg
Grip tape options

FREE Mini Logo Grip (applied), FREE Mini Logo Grip (un-applied), Mob Grip (applied), Mob Grip (un-applied), Jessup Grip (applied), Jessup Grip (un-applied)